COMMI is a thirty-year dynamic and well established company, specialized in industrial painting and anti-corrosion techniques; A branch of our group is also responsible for maintenance in the electromechanical fields, in particular maintenance and regeneration of high-voltage switches.

Both business areas have grown rapidly thanks to the quality and efficiency of our work, to the constant improvement of the facilities, thanks to technology and control instruments enabling us to work with companies known worldwide.

COMMI  is a company characterized by reliability and availability, can offer a high standard of quality and appropriate responses to any production requirement. The commitment and determination aimed at achieving quality allow us to provide services and results to the highest level, accurate, precise and fast, with versatile solutions to suit the client, while protecting the environment.

The high professionality of our group can achieve guarantees of maximum operating flexibility combined with an ability to act very quickly, while respecting all the requirements of quality that our international customers require.