Our specialization allows us to recondition high voltage switches and give it back to the customer with the appropriate test certificates. The recondition includes all  the steps to the complete reorganization of each part of the switch, allowing the equipment itself a second life cycle.

Our company has different types of spare equipment to be used during the renew process, so we can minimize the days out of service.

Our strengths are:

Competence - Assistance and counseling, the know-how and experience of the staff from Commi
Reliability - efficient programming of maintenance and regular monitoring of the health of the plants, thereby increasing reliability of its production
Transparency - the cost of maintenance is well-defined and programmed.

Skills, flexibility and availability allow us repair in case of faults, breakdowns or emergencies, minimizing the downtimes.

Planning of the revisions according to outside service programmed by the customer to optimize production times and reduce the risk of failure.

Analysis to determine the operations to be performed on the system to eliminate the possible causes of failure and to increase the duration of the life cycle of your equipment.

Our technicians will provide specific on the revision / repair most appropriate to ensure a correct functioning of the analyzed.

Based on the needs of the intervention it will decide whether to proceed directly on site or in our workshop electromechanical.